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Aggression Against AustriaAggression Against Austria - International Military Tribunal, Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression, Volume I, Chapter 9: Aggression Against Austria. AnschlussAnschluss - Information on Germany's annexation of Austria.
Arthur Seyss-InquartArthur Seyss-Inquart - Article on the leader of Austria's Nazi Party. The Avalon Project : Judgment : Seyss-InquartThe Avalon Project : Judgment : Seyss-Inquart - Text of the International Military Tribunal judgement on the wartime activities of Austrian Nazi leder Seyss-Inquart.
BBC News - Gross symbolises Austria's pastBBC News - Gross symbolises Austria's past - - The case of Heinrich Gross, accused of murdering children in a Nazi clinic, illustrates many of Austria's problems with the Nazi era, writes Jan Repa. Central Europe Review - Austria: Brown StainsCentral Europe Review - Austria: Brown Stains - - The case of Nazi-era psychiatrist and later prominent Social Democrat Heinrich Gross has shed light on the forgotten past of Austria's SPO party.
Englebert DollfussEnglebert Dollfuss - Story of the fascist president of Austria and the struggle between Fascism and Nazism in Austria, because the powers that be don't want it known that there were Fascists who were also anti-Nazi. The Fall of AustriaThe Fall of Austria - Article about the Anschluss of Austria and persecution of the Jews.
"Radio Days - Anschluss" - - In 1938 Hitler was threatening to invade Czechoslovakia and start World War II. Information on the annexation of Austria and the role of Austria's Nazis. The Second Austrian Republic and the Sequels of the Nazi DictatorshipThe Second Austrian Republic and the Sequels of the Nazi Dictatorship - Lecture by Winfried R. Garscha at: Columbia University, The Harriman Institute, October 16, 1997.
Trials of German Major War Criminals: Volume XVITrials of German Major War Criminals: Volume XVI - Documents on the trial of Austria's Nazi Party leader, Arthur Seyss-Inquart.


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